Just Keep on creating was initially set up to stay positive after my dad passed away. One of the last things dad said to me was "Are you still creating, it's the only thing that keeps you normal". I realised then that I had to keep on creating as making things is about the only thing that keeps me normal in this crazy world full of up's and down's.

Everything about this blog is about staying positive, persistence with crafting, promoting handmade, encouraging each other, getting back to basics and enjoying the simple things in life.

Just keep on creating is in no way a challenge blog but instead is a place to share all your wonderful creations, the only challenge here is to just keep on creating. 

Thanks so much for spending your time at Just Keep on Creating. Now, stop reading and get creating :)


  1. It is so refreshing to come across a site that you can just put up what you create and not have a strict guideline to follow. I will definitely be doing this one each month. Thank you for all your efforts. Angexxxooo

    1. Thanks so much for leaving this lovely comment. Yep, just keep on creating is about sharing and staying motivsted about crafting. We all have so much we can learn from each other, I am looking forward to you sharing your work ☺

  2. Such a beautiful story!! Thank you for keeping it back to my craft projects!
    Carolina xx
    Melbourne Australia

  3. Sorry about the loss of your dad - I loss my dad at an early age and still miss him - the anything goes is inspiring - have a blessed week! and thanks for sharing!

  4. What a gift your father left you...

  5. Thank you for sharing. I was happy to find this blog. I craft to take my mind off the pain of Fibromyalgia and bad arthritis. Best wishes. Hope you continue for many years to com.

  6. Thanks for encouraging handmade.

  7. Thank you for this special blog to share creations of all kinds. Thank you for sharing your story too.

  8. Now I'm back on sharing on your wonderful site my only question is do you have a limit of how many projects each month we can share. Angexxx


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