Tuesday, 1 March 2016

March 2016 Anything goes link-up

It's time for the March 2016  link-up at Just Keep on creating, I hope all of you lovely people will continue to share your creations and I look forward to seeing new participants share their work in the March link-up as well. Just remember you can post any of your creations, even ones you have made prior to this link-up being posted. I look forward to seeing what everyone will be submitting this month.

-You can share your creations from your blog or any public gallery such as flickr, instagram or facebook. If any  problems in submitting your work just email me. The link to email me is on the right sidebar. Please note when sharing your projects from instagram or facebook please provide a direct link to a handmade project and not your whole instagram or facebook account.
-I will be picking a group of featured artists by 01.04.2016, the featured artists will get a badge to display on their blogs.

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-It would be greatly appreciated if you upload the Just keep on creating badge on your blog. Since I run this blog myself I need your help in spreading the word about the monthly link-up. If submitting from instagram please re-post the Just keep on creating picture that is on my instagram account.
-Please visit each other and leave some encouraging words about each others awesome creations.

Just keep on creating is being sponsored by Dr Digi house of stamps who will be donating two digi's to one random winner who will be chosen by random.org. The winner of this prize will be announced on the same day as the next link-up.
DR Digi's House of Stamps is a site that aims to bring you digi stamps with a sense of humour. This site is  not your average Digi site, you won't find flowers and teddy bears.  Well you might.. but it'll be holding a bloody big chainsaw!

  1. You can enter as many times as you want, the more entries the better. You can share creations  made before or after the start date of the link-up but please make sure you only share a creation once. 
  2. You can combine any amount of challenges with your entry.
  3. Please link back to this blog post and mention that you are entering this link-up in your post.
  4. Please provide a direct link to your project and not your general blog, this makes it a lot easier for me to comment.Please note when sharing your projects from instagram or facebook please provide a direct link to a handmade project and not your whole instagram or facebook account.
  5. Please become a follower if you want to be picked as a featured artist or go into the draw for the random prize offered. Exceptions will be made for participants who aren't able to become followers ie people  submitting from facebook or intsagram. I would really appreciate it though if you re-post the Anything goes link-up picture that is on my instagram page and become a follower on my instagram page.

Challenge stays open till 31st March 2016. 


Random winners and featured artists for February

A huge thank you to everyone who shared their beautiful creations in the February link-up. The month of February was an extremely busy and productive month for me. I have managed to get my house in order by de-cluttering and tidying, my house was in a huge mess. I intend maintaining a strict routine to keep everything running smoothly at home and I have also stopped shopping for unnecessary things as I really don't need to add more items to my house. To get me on this new path I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up : The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. I can honestly say that this simple book has helped me change my life,  I am not naturally a neat person and this book has helped me put in place processes that will make my life easier and help me with my goal to keep everything neat and tidy. Another thing I want to share is since I finished working at my full-time job in December 2014 I have changed for the better when it's come to my spending habits. I used to be a shopaholic and I think it was because I took money for granted, having limited funds has made me curb my spending drastically and I am extremely grateful for this as I now understand the value of money and I only purchase what I truly need. I was extremely regretful for all the money I had wasted in the past but I am finally able to go forward and make a new start when it comes to spending and this is a huge thing for me, I'm so much happier with a simpler and more mindful life. I hope you'll don't mind me sharing all this, I feel it's appropriate as this is a blog to promote tenacity and positivity.  If any of you would like to share something you are proud off, something that has changed you're life don't be afraid to leave a comment on this post. It doesn't have to be anything great, just something that has helped you live a more fulfilled life and could perhaps help others, sharing is caring.

And now back to all the beautiful work being shared at JKOC. It's always great to see the loyal participants of JKOC continue to share their work and it's fantastic to see new people submit their work as well. Everyone's entries are truly amazing and there was such a variety of entries in the February link-up. I sincerely apologize again about not being able to comment on all the submissions, I hope to comment on each submission from now on, although I haven't commented on all submissions please be assured that every submission is very much appreciated. Thanks so much for letting me share my thoughts in this post and I look forward to seeing everyone's work in the March link-up.


 The random winner for the February link-up as chosen by Random.org  is


who has won a $10 gift certificate from Digital delights by Louby loo

Congratulations Hazel, I hope you enjoy using your $10 gift certificate. I look forward to hearing from you to claim you're prize.


JkoC feat button

Congratulations to all the featured artists, everyone's work was absolutely amazing.
Make sure to proudly display your featured artists badges on your blogs